Tag: Silence

Tag: Silence

Becoming Soul nominated:Novel of Excellence Award

Very excited to have Becoming Soul 7 Steps to Heaven, nominated for the Novel of Excellence Award – Religious/Cultural Award Description “The Author’s Circle developed their awards program to help authors gain recognition for their work. At Author’s Circle we aim to honor books that stand above the rest, and to help readers identify novels

Literary Titan Interview -Becoming Soul -El Alma

I am so grateful to Literary Titan for the opportunity to write an interview about the conception of Becoming Soul and be able to post it here on my website for you. Literary Titan have it posted on their website as well. Deepest Gratitude & Love El Alma Seven Steps to Heaven Excerpt from the Literary Titan

BookLife Review for Becoming Soul 7 Steps to Heaven

Greetings! I am excited to invite you to read the  BookLife Review of Becoming Soul 7 Steps to Heaven – just released 16 August 2021: Reviews “We are souls,” El Alma declares in the introduction to this succinct, searching guide to what she sometimes calls the “seven steps to heaven,” the steps that, in her

The Eden Magazine – Steps to Heaven – Becoming Soul

The Eden Magazine – Steps to Heaven Recently a chapter from my book Becoming Soul – Seven Steps to Heaven was featured in The Eden Magazine – Los Angeles California in their June21 issue titled Steps to Heaven. I am so excited and grateful to the talented artists at The Eden Magazine for the excellent

Becoming Soul – 7 Steps to Heaven – 1. Silence

Silence:I wake in the small hours of this morning with the bright lights of the neighbor’s tractor shining directly through my bedroom windows. The tractor is driving up and down the rows in the paddock harvesting vegetables with the lights flashing into my eyes on each turn of the rows. I roll over and wait