Becoming Soul

Seven Steps to Heaven

This story starts with the premise that we aren’t our bodies. We start our journeys long before we arrive on earth, for we are our eternal consciousnesses. Our consciousnesses live on when we leave earth through death. It’s only our bodies that decay and die. We are our souls. We continue to develop our souls during each lifetime we visit earth and then go back to being only consciousness.

In choosing a new lifetime on earth, there lies a quest in each of us to find our own souls’ purposes for this lifetime and to find our way home by becoming souls again. Each soul knows that there are natural earth stages we each must endure to learn new lessons for our soul, and becoming soul again is the challenge of each lifetime. The stages can be broken down into seven steps that we need to pass through to arrive back to this eternal sacredness of our souls.

In reaching this inner realm, we’ll be free to continue living on earth and become teachers to others on their souls’ journeys to their inner sacredness. Or on the arrival at our inner realm, we can choose to leave earth and return to heaven. From there, we can choose to develop another lifetime and come back to earth to further our soul’s lessons and become soul again.

The following seven steps to heaven will be included in each lifetime plan chosen by each of us: Silence Hope Suffering Loss Survival Believe Heaven.