We are not our bodies. We are our souls. Our consciousnesses live on when we leave the earth through death. It is only our body that decays and dies. We continue to develop our souls during each lifetime we visit the earth and then go back to being only consciousnesses. In choosing a new lifetime each soul knows there are natural earth stages we each must endure to develop new earth lessons.

There are seven stages that we pass through to arrive back to this eternal sacredness of ourselves. In each of us lies a quest to find our own soul’s purpose, and to find our way home by becoming soul again through Silence, Hope, Suffering, Loss, Survival, Believe, and Heaven.

The story begins as a new soul arrives on Earth to learn the lessons she has chosen for this lifetime. As a child she experiences her steps by her Silence; in her Hope; through her Suffering; in her Loss; and throughout her Survival of abandonment, abuse, loss and her withdrawal into her soul.

As a mother, El Alma experiences her steps of Silence, Hope, Suffering, Loss, and Survival as she comes to Believe her Soul, but she buries its profundity deep inside herself as she grieves the painful losses of her beloved ones.

Throughout the story of Becoming Soul, she believes she not only heals her own grief but travels through time and heals generations of grieving in those she believes walks her journey with her.

She continues her own unique Seven Steps to Heaven by choosing to remain on Earth to guide others in their own journey through their Seven Steps to Heaven to Becoming Soul.