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I am excited to invite you to read the  BookLife Review of Becoming Soul 7 Steps to Heaven – just released 16 August 2021:

“We are souls,” El Alma declares in the introduction to this succinct, searching guide to what she sometimes calls the “seven steps to heaven,” the steps that, in her conception, we must pass through so that our individual, eternal souls find and fulfill their purpose in our lifetimes. Inspired by stages from the life of Jesus in the Gospels, the seven steps (beginning with “Silence” and ending with “Heaven”) correspond, in El Alma’s lyric narrative, to the birth and growth of a woman named Asina, born during World War II and developing, as a person and a soul, over the years that follow.

Rather than a didactic guide to reincarnation and to achieving harmony with the soul and creation, Becoming Soul leads by example, depicting Asina’s journey from child to grandmother, parallel to her soul’s journey, on this go-round through life, from “silence” to “hope” to “loss” and at last to Heaven. Aiding Asina is the literal Goddess, a “being of light” with the “essence of roses” who tells Asina, as she’s being born, “You’re not finished.” From there, El Alma tracks Asina’s ordinary but extraordinary life, a child who feeds the chickens and goes to school and mass wrapped “in the comfort of her Goddess.” Asina eventually chooses marriage and motherhood over the convent, a choice she doubts until Mary herself manifests and reveals her approval.

Such moments typify the brief narrative. Asina, as human as any of us, faces uncertainty and loss, but she’s urged through the seventh steps by a dazzling assortment of messages and revelations—and her own firm belief. Within the story, Asina inspires generations to believe in and persevere in their own paths through the seven steps, and to love, accept, and be resilient and courageous. El Alma has crafted the book to do the same, joining the human and the sacred in a warm, inviting text, ideal for Christian readers open to fresh spiritual ideas.

Takeaway: A welcoming account of a reincarnated soul’s sacred journey.

Great for fans of: Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Reincarnation: The Missing Link In Christianity, Pieter J. Elsen’s When Souls Awaken.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A-

Print Date: 08/16/2021

Deepest Gratitude and Love -El Alma

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