Becoming Soul – 7 Steps to Heaven – 1. Silence

I wake in the small hours of this morning with the bright lights of the neighbor’s tractor shining directly through my bedroom windows. The tractor is driving up and down the rows in the paddock harvesting vegetables with the lights flashing into my eyes on each turn of the rows. I roll over and wait for more light before I get up as I can’t hear any birds singing yet, just the low hum of the tractor coming towards me again.
I lie still until the sun is peeping through the trees. I get up, rug up, take the dog out for a walk in the icy cold morning air, stop in the kitchen on the way back, grab a cup of tea and piece of toast, and head back to my half warm bed. The dog curls up again at the end of the bed. Everyone in the house is still asleep.
I am in my meditative state sharing with you the silence of the morning. I contemplate the stillness. It is this moment of the day before my daily thoughts and chores interrupt me, and I can connect to the presence of Love. The tractor still hums but the only light now is the rising sun. I sit in the hush of the dawn and my heart has time to open and feel. I make sure that I have a moment of contemplation that connects me to my soul each morning. I cherish the silence as a blessing. I love the feeling of falling into the presence of Love. I realize it only takes a moment of silence to turn my attention to Love before I start the day.
Silence is one of the seven steps to heaven I refer to in my book Becoming Soul. It is the first step we meet in childhood when we make every effort to be heard without words. Even though we make enough noise for our parents to hear us, we are living in a silent world, unable to say what we feel. Childhood is a time to be silent and to let others speak on our behalf. If we are loved and cared for, we will feel heard. This state of ‘being silent’ is a prelude to our relationship with the Divine later in life. For it is in this same silence that we communicate through our souls with the Divine. We all know how to communicate through our souls from our childhood, we just need to remember. We know how to be still and wait and listen. Deepest Gratitude and Love. El Alma

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  1. I also lost my daughter to cancer in November last year. She left two young children. I resonate with you.

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