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Becoming Soul –Seven Steps to Heaven -El Alma-Loss

  Becoming Soul – Seven Steps to Heaven –   El Alma Loss When we lose something important to us, we become rattled and we frantically search for the missing object hoping to find it. It is the same when we lose someone near and dear to us. The same frantic feeling of loss shrouds us,

Becoming Soul – 7 Steps to Heaven – Suffering

Suffering Why do I choose a beautiful red rose dripping with fresh spring rain to write on ‘suffering’ the third step to heaven, when this beautiful rose conjures up thoughts of beauty, joy, and peace? The rose is a reminder of beauty, as it is difficult for me to even see beauty around me when

Becoming Soul – 7 Steps to Heaven – 1. Silence

Silence:I wake in the small hours of this morning with the bright lights of the neighbor’s tractor shining directly through my bedroom windows. The tractor is driving up and down the rows in the paddock harvesting vegetables with the lights flashing into my eyes on each turn of the rows. I roll over and wait