Tree of Hope
There is a little heart shaped tree that grows in my country back yard flanked by two other trees that outlines its place of honor. It was laid bare throughout years of drought and I left it for dead, but it has come back slowly and has grown into the shape of a heart without any assistance from me. Many years ago, a cutting of this amazing little tree, that has become my tree of hope was given to me by my daughter who is now in spirit. It has become my sign she is still with us continually sending her love.
My tree of hope reminds me of how we get cut back to the very core of our soul through hardship, health issues, suffering, loss, and grieving. It feels like certain death for us, but like the little tree is in the care of the Divine so are we, and we have hope that life is resurrected in us.
We can call on hope, “I too will resurrect to new life having gone through the deepest pruning to my soul. I will survive. Resurrection will occur for me as the Divine looks after me, as he looks after all his creatures of nature, without any assistance from me. He has set into motion the natural law of hope which comes from His goodness, from whence all hope springs.”
Hope falls from our lips as a blessing each day as we wish each other hope for another day. ‘I hope you have a good day.’ ‘I hope you are feeling better soon. ‘I hope you have a safe trip.’ ‘I hope you enjoy your special day.’ Our hope is in the Divine who has everything in His hands that we are not able to control. Hope for a good life. Hope for rain. Hope for sunshine. Hope for success in our lives. Hope for our children. Hope they are safe in life. Hope for them when they get married and have children. Our hope for a happy ending to our life. Our hope for our own eternal life. Hope is the second step into becoming our souls in Becoming Soul – Seven Steps to Heaven. Blessings of Hope to you as you journey through your Soul to Heaven.
Deepest Gratitude and Love to you. El Alma.

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