Becoming Soul – Seven Steps to Heaven –   El Alma


When we lose something important to us, we become rattled and we frantically search for the missing object hoping to find it. It is the same when we lose someone near and dear to us. The same frantic feeling of loss shrouds us, and inherently we seek that loved one in our daily lives. It is usually in the middle of the night that we wake frantically seeking the lost one, wanting to reach out to the person. The soul’s yearning to connect with the loved one continues day and night, but it is in the night when the loss can become dark and lonely.

I startled awake the other night for no reason. I felt a presence. I listened. I got out of bed and went to the window. I saw the moon shining its light like a beacon in the darkness of the night. I was so moved. I stood watching. I walked out onto the veranda and I captured the scene in a photo to remind me that there is always a light watching over me.

I sat on my bed alone in the darkness. I heard a silent call. I felt an urge to respond. I answered, Yes? I answered my soul! My soul was calling me to listen. To listen to my expansive consciousness radiating out towards the spiritual realm seeking connection and communication.

There is no loss of loved ones just a move between realms. They are ever present, and our souls can connect with them. It is in the stillness and the darkness of the night, when all color vanishes, and sounds diminish that spirit can penetrate the barriers of our earthly realm that we protect ourselves with. It is here in this quietness we meet and share memories of old and present joyous moments and hopes for the future with our loved ones.

Our communications within the spiritual realm ceases all pain of loss, and grieving for connection with our beloved, for we are in their presence once more. If we listen and answer ‘yes’ to the call of our souls, they will take us on never ending journeys to our eternal home where we will meet our mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters and grandparents, all of our loved ones. Loss opens our souls.  Loss is the fourth step to heaven in Becoming Soul – 7 Steps to Heaven. Deepest Gratitude & Love to all souls – El Alma.

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