Hello Readers of Becoming Soul. Welcome to my website. 

I am happy to announce that “Becoming Soul” has recently acquired the Award Winner, Honorable Mention at the London Book Festival -Spiritual/Religious.

You may view the official award announcement page by visiting this link:

I am very excited that my book Becoming Soul is being recognized as an Award Winning Book and has brought me recognition as an Award Winning Author.

I wrote Becoming Soul after my adult daughter had passed  when I was finding it difficult to process her loss. As a qualified counselor for many years in the area of grief and dying, I found all the strategies and techniques of counselling came to an end for me. I knew there was more to life than being born and dying. I asked myself, What comes next?

Although I had a spiritual background from a child I had not questioned how childhood beliefs fitted into the loss of a child. I had to take another step into comprehending loss. Very personal and deep loss of a child. I was forced into asking the hard questions of, Who am I? Why am I here? and What is my purpose?

Writing the book was my journey into becoming my soul. It started with believing there was more to life and death. I allowed my imagination to grasp concepts foreign to our culture as I immersed myself into the many cultures of believing in an afterlife. It was a very beneficial journey. I allowed myself to be directed by Divine Spirit as I wrote each word. Divine Spirit took me beyond my human boundaries until I finally accepted that I am more than my human body. I am also my soul. And I am an eternal being.

With knowing these concepts, I was able to enter into the spiritual realm and understand our connections between our human and our spiritual lives. I hope you make your visit here a journey into your  soul.

My Deepest Gratitude & Love to all of your souls.

El Alma (my name means ‘The Soul’.)




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