Greetings and Welcome to my website! I hope you find the site interesting as you search for the latest updated information about my book Becoming Soul 7 Steps to Heaven.

Becoming Soul has recently been nominated for an award at the San Francisco Book Festival.  I am very excited to share this news with you and if you haven’t read Becoming Soul as yet you can purchase a copy from this website.

Becoming Soul ’ Seven Steps to Heaven was inspired by many mystical reminiscences that have occurred throughout my life. The book is a thought provoking account of love written purely as a timely reminder that Divine Love is ever present to each of us before birth, during life, and after death. The tale of two women becoming their souls gives a glimpse into the mysticism of the Divine perpetual presence and interaction with our souls both in the heavenly and earthly realms. The story develops from the premise that we are eternal and uncovers how to live through seven earthly steps to become our souls. It also uncovers the special meaning of why we need to follow the steps to become our souls. The book is for all those seeking the way through life and death to eternal life. It is a timeless parable that needs to be passed on to future generations as a permanent reminder that we are eternal.

My deepest gratitude and love to you.  El Alma

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