The More Love Podcast – Helen Reynolds with El Alma


Recently I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Helen Reynolds on her More Love Podcast. It became a wonderful conversation between us and I truly appreciate Helen’s time and the enormous effort she put into the presentation of the podcast. Thank you so much Helen. Blessings to you. El Alma

To listen to the podcast on my book Becoming Soul  go to the link below:

Some words from Helen: “I believe that those of us who are sensitive to our feelings and emotions have something very special to share with the world. That our feelings are encouraging us towards the heart of all that matters; begging us to redefine who we understand ourselves to be.  And, that those who are sensitive are only a thin veil away from understanding their true state of being and their power to create. This motivates all that I do.  Taking you to the heart of all that matters for you. You’re sensitivity to feelings and emotions is not a weakness, far from it.  It’s time for you to be who you came to be.”   Helen Reynolds

Deepest Gratitude and Love to you.  El Alma


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