Becoming Soul – Seven Steps to Heaven – El Alma

Step 5 – Survival

A few years ago, I took this plant from the gutter of the garage. I knew it had been there for a long time as I had watched it grow from a small plant into a plant that I thought I could perhaps use as to bonsai in a pot one day. It survived many years in the gutter during storms, hail, winds, and extreme heat during the summers and droughts, and during the long cold winters. At first it grew wild and uninhibited with many leaves and then one day I noticed it was becoming undernourished and straggly but very much alive. I rescued it from barely existing in the gutter and put it into a bonsai pot and I left the main roots above the soil as they were in the gutter. It took some years to recover and establish itself into its new home.

Now it is spreading its branches and growing new leaves every day. I shared the whole experience with my grandchildren and whether it would transplant well and grow profusely but confined in the pot. I was teaching how nature can survive in confined spaces and we can too if we must. I said to them then, “With great care this tree will outlive me and probably you to and then you can pass it on to your children and teach the lesson of survival.” This tree has sheer willpower to survive in its small container with my care.

Survival takes great courage and determination, and we have a choice to survive. We can give up or survive by our willpower. In times like 2020 we have become accustomed to surviving in confined spaces. Children as well as adults have decided to survive and have been invited into their souls during this time. It is with the care of each other that we are surviving. We are also confining our thoughts to what we can accomplish during this time.

For others we may know this confined time has taken their loved one’s soul home to spirit. There is great loss and suffering in many families and friends and this is a time of survival for those remaining. If we do not confine our souls, our souls can offer love and support to those who need us. Deepest Gratitude and Love to all.  El Alma.

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