5 September 2023

Greetings All,

It has been so long since I posted anything. Just letting you know that I am finally back at work after months of poor eyesight leading up to eye surgery and months of recovery from complications from the surgery.

During my long recuperation, I spent many hours not using my eyes for writing, reading, watching videos or TV. Instead, I spent many hours in quiet time listening to music and podcasts. But most of my listening was done in quiet meditation and prayers as I became one with Spirit within my soul.

But I realised I was praying for myself constantly. How to keep myself calm, how to navigate my thoughts, how to cope in the world of business, family, emotions, and spiritual life. I felt so self-absorbed in my meditations.

Then I heard inspiration from Spirit, “You have so much quiet time here to yourself while you heal. Pray for yourself and pray for others.”

I became aware of the most important service I can offer ‘prayers for others’.




My definition of Prayer is ‘talking to and listening to Spirit every minute of every day and constantly interacting with the heavenly realm.’

In knowing there is no demarcation line on the horizon, we come to understand there is no demarcation line between heaven and earth.

If you want to tap into my constant communication with Spirit and the heavenly realm, please let me know of your Prayer Requests and I will give them to heaven with you. As Jesus tells us to just ask Him and He will answer. I would love to share prayers from my sanctuaries in my home with and for you. I would feel so useful to you and to heaven.


I invite you to go to my website becomingsoulelama.com where you can sign up to my email list. Tell me of your Prayer Request and I will place a candle and your request upon my altar in the Inner Sanctuary. I will pray daily for and with each of you.


If you would like to become a member of my Prayer Group with me via my email list, please let me know.  I believe if we have enough passion to pray together, we can change the world together through forming a Prayer Group.

Thank you to those who wish to become part of the Becoming Soul Prayer Group


If you choose all the offers including Prayer Request, Prayer Group and Email Subscription, reading the blogs, and buying the book, may God Bless you and may God take your hand and guide you through your daily journey to becoming your soul.



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