Very excited to announce the review of Becoming Soul 7 Steps to Heaven by The US Review of Books”

“We start our journeys long before we arrive on earth, for we are our eternal consciousness.”

Organized into seven parts—”Silence,” “Hope,” “Suffering,” “Loss,” “Survival,” “Believe (At All Costs),” and “Heaven”—this book raises the idea that we are not our bodies and argues that our consciousness persists after death. Everyone is searching for their soul’s purpose as they choose a lifetime, and the sections of the book are the steps to Heaven one can visualize in order to “become soul” again. Later, one can choose to live as a teacher of love on earth or go back to Heaven.

The story of one soul going through these stages is told as the book unfolds. The book imaginatively captures the feel of a soul as it comes to earth, fresh into a new lifetime, gasping in a flood of intense light. The story unfurls creatively from there. How the soul aligns to its new environment while still “seeing and experiencing all choices made during the lifetime just completed” is indicated through gently poetic prose. The narrative invites readers to conceive of a new child arriving on earth in “an environment of broken families” brought about by war. It orients the reader to how a soul would learn it is in the form of a female and that its significant others have this form also.

Excellent at introducing what some may see as New Age spiritual ideas, the book gives readers something concrete to hold onto as these concepts are presented but never taught pedantically. Sensations and inner thoughts are deeply characterized, resonating with readers and helping them slide through interactions and pages, eager to learn and absorb more mystical insights about the human experience. Conversations are deftly intermingled with thoughts, skillfully creating an atmosphere of acceptance. The author merits recognition as a writer but also as a spiritual teacher.” US Review of Books

“The US Review of Books:


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